About me

Max Sommer, a senior full-stack software developer, smiling and wearing a white t-shirt with a black checkered shirt, standing against a light grey background with a door slightly open behind him
Hi, my name is Max Sommer. I'm a software developer from .

I like building software that helps people in simple and honest ways. Software that solves real problems and does not exist for the sake of software but for the sake of the human in need of it.


2023/12 - now
Currently I'm working as Head of Systems Engineering for a company called Omnivolution and contributing to a platform called Omnitracker.

2022 - now
Co-founded a company called nextly.solutions.

2018 - 2023
Head of Development for a company called bevelop.

2016 - 2018
Self employed fullstack software developer.

2015 - 2016
Working student at baaila café Aschaffenburg as a web developer — not the most typical of places to work for as a developer but a great one.


2023-05 until now

An app which provides you with a dedicated email address for newsletters. I don't like subscribing to newsletters with my private nor my business email since emails are rather like a to do list for me.

Reading and staying up to date on the other hand are things I do when I'm in a different mode. nuzelettr.email is going to offer a calm, unified inbox of newsletters and rss/atom feeds I subscribe to.

I get to choose who gets to be in my inbox and who doesn't. I get to choose how I organize my newsletters and feeds.

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2023-01 until 2023-02

Got friends over and don't want to dictate nor send your wifi password via messenger?
Save your wifi credentials in one app (information are stored on your device) and manage multiple QR codes e.g. for your office, your home wifi and wifi at the house of your parents.

Private life

Other than my obsession with the web I try to live a healthy and fulfilled life with my partner, daughter, family and friends.

Studied Interactive Media Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt. Dropped out of the program in semester 5 to work full time as Head of Development at bevelop.
Gratuated from high school at Friedrich Dessauer Gymnasium Aschaffenburg.