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Staying up to date

Published 2024-06-12 12:51. #Personal #Projects #Thoughts #Inspiration #Links 

How I stay up to date in a fast-paced world

I'm getting asked time and time again for some references for keeping up in the web dev world and overall. I'd like to share a few sources of inspiration and update channels for future reference here.

First off a shameless plug: My project helps you keep up by giving you a dedicated email address and inbox for only your newsletters - this is also my main hub of reading inspiration and curation. If offers a nice reading experience and comes with lots of small goodies such as dark/light mode, reduced styling reading mode, a command palette and lots of keyboard shortcuts for moving through the user interface.

Anyway, moving on to actual content I'd like to curate a few of my highlights:


Youtube Channels

RSS feeds / blogs