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Publishing unpolished music

Published 2024-06-08 19:10. Updated 2024-06-08 21:15. #Personal #Thoughts 

From now on I will share the unpolished music I make.

I was six years old when I started playing the guitar. Growing up I always wanted to be a musician one day. Write cool songs. Perform gigs in front of many people. It always felt magical seeing other people make their own music and watch them perform on stage.

Over the years my musical taste has shifted from being very specific and hating everything outside of my niche. Becoming an adult I finally learned to love all kinds of music and broaden my worldview. This could be applied to both listening to different styles of music but also on my whole life scale. This made me a happier person. I laid off a kind of shame about enjoying music that might not be popular with people around me. I laid off shame more and more throughout my life.

Today I‘d like to lay off the shame about my own little music. I‘m not a music nerd. Far off from it to be honest. I have literally no idea about formal musical education — most of what I learnt has come from trial and error, trying to play along to songs I wanted to learn with tabs and just fiddling around. Of course I will care if people like it or not — that‘s just part of me.

Starting today I will publish unpolished music. Music that‘s created in the evening after a day of work, that‘s created on a free hour on the weekend or that just comes out of me at moment of inner peace.

Song: „Tomorrow”