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Building a workflow around long form writing

Published 2024-06-11 21:27. Updated 2024-06-12 16:06. #Thoughts #Personal #Tools 

Jotting down everything going on in your head gives you clearer picture of where you are and helps you think further.

Lately I've been reiterating on my workflows a bit. I'm building my workflow around long form writing. Long form writing can help you make this more clear in your head. By typing out your whole thought process, the problems you notice while doing it and reflecting on those things you gain a new perspective.

Noting my thoughts allows me to perform "Six thinking hats" without even actively thinking about it. While writing thoughts I notice flaws in my previous assumptions, instincts or ideas. And immediately my brain jumps to the next thoughts and continues onwards. Keeping those also on record, I gain so much food for Sleeping on it that I can come back the next day and move on with renewed joy for the thing I was working on.

One tool I absolutely learned to love recently while writing more is Obsidian. It's an excellent writing tool which can be extended in so many ways it's mind blowing at first sight. But once you're a little into it you cannot imagine working without it ever again.

Anyway, I just think writing out everything that crosses my mind has been a great new workflow. Helping me be more thoughtful about concepts, more detailed about problems and solutions and more creative, too. You should try it.