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Building «»

Published 2023-07-08 21:52. Updated 2023-07-08 23:32. #Projects 

«» is a side project I've been working on over the last few weeks. In the coming weeks I'm going to document my journey and the challenges I was facing in the process.

I love the web. I love web technologies. I love programming. And even though I know it's not possible to keep up with everything happening in all areas I'm interested in and excited about I still try to catch up on at least some of the stuff.

Staying up to date has always involved a combination of multiple channels of information. With «» I'm trying to build a calm, unified inbox for your newsletters and feeds. It's supposed to be a nice place that doesn't try to distract you but let's you dive deeply into reading mode.

If you're interested, sign up to the early access test group now. I'll select a few people to get a better feeling for what's working and what isn't.